Supporting Multi-Step Commands with Spring Shell

Out of the box, Spring Shell supports printing command results to the terminal in a fairly basic way.

Spring Shell also provides the ExecutionProcessor interface, allowing a “command provider to be called in a generic fashion just before, and right after, executing a command”.

The interface defines three lifecycle events that can be intercepted:

  • before a command has been invoked
  • after an invocation has been returned
  • after an exception was thrown

I was interested in hooking into the afterReturningInvocation to provide “step logic” - potentially allowing user or system input to execute additional logic based on the result of the initial command result (and/or each step result) e.g. paging backwards or forwards on the command line through lists of data.

I was able to achieve this and opened a JIRA ticket and the following pull request on Spring Shell’s GitHub repo: SHL-174: Multi-Step Commands #67

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Adding Java Config support to Spring Shell

Be it DVCS workflows, JSON transformations, or blogging frameworks, I always favor tools that allow me to use the terminal.

I’ve recently started using Spring Shell for rapidly experimenting with consuming data from a series of APIs I had created.

I have become allergic to XML configuration for Spring applications in recent times, so I was disappointed to see a lack of support for Java configuration within Spring Shell.

However, I did find a JIRA issue tracking the feature request. The ticket creator had even submitted a pull request with a potential solution. However, Spring Shell lead Mark Pollack responded that the feature could be provided in a simpler manner and even provided guidance to the solution.

Implementing this solution seemed quite straightforward, so I gave it a go and it turned out well.

I’ve submitted the following pull request to the Spring Shell GitHub repository: SHL-106: Java Configuration support #66

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